Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 6, 2016

Madonna got into the wrong groove on Instagram and Twitter by posting photos of herself in condolence missives to the victims of the Orlando mass shooting.
Madonna keeps on pushing her tweets over the borderline.
The pop diva fomented outrage on social media after tweeting out condolences to the victims of the Orlando massacre that included photos of herself.
The memes — one of which features her famous kiss with Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV VMAs and the slogan, "Gay or Straight, no hate" -- were slammed by detractors who felt the singer was hung up on herself during a time of mourning in the gay community.
"@Madonna are you serious right now? This isn't about you and your fake ass kiss for publicity," fumed one commentator. "I would think you'd know better."
Another Twitter user replied, "Really? 50 people died and you want to make this about you?!"
In the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, 49 patrons were shot dead and more than 50 others were wounded early Sunday morning during a rampage inside Orlando's Pulse, a popular gay club.
Police shot and killed the gunman — identified as Omar Mateen — after storming the club after a three-hour hostage standoff.
Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37, grew up in Puerto Rico before moving to Vero Beach by himself. "Wilson-Leon had been together with Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35, and another fatality in the Pulse nightclub shooting, for about eight years," the Orlando Sentinel reported.
Madonna has had her struggles with a reputation for using social media for blatant self-promotion.
In early 2015, critics slammed The Material Girl for posting altered photos ofdeceased civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley to hawk her album, "Rebel Heart."

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